Sunday, 14 August 2016

Aggie the first art gallery robot

AGWA is launching a new public engagement program including a robot guide ‘Aggie’ the world’s first art gallery engagement robot. Developed with Perth-based technology firm Smartbots, Aggie is a walking talking art expert who brings the works in the Gallery to life with enchanting insights and childlike wonder. Aimed specifically at families, Aggie will lead a monthly tour around the collection and also host workshops for children in the new Imagination Room.
• Aggie is the world’s first humanoid robot art gallery guide.
• She is the result of a collaboration between the Art Gallery of Western Australia and Perth-based leader in robotic technology, Smartbots, to bring an entertaining new dimension to the enjoyment of visual arts.
• She will call the Art Gallery of Western Australia home and join its team of 80 guru (human) guides.
• From 28th May she’ll be leading monthly, hour-long tours, providing an informative, entertaining and sometimes humorous look at various artworks within the Gallery’s collection. Read more about Aggie's tours
• Aggie will also host a monthly Robot Art Class for children. Read more about Aggie's art class.
• Aggie is a truly international robot. She is a Nao robot, designed by French company Alderbaran running on software developed by Belgian firm QBMT, which has been expanded on by Perth-based technology experts Smartbots.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Ngā Toi

Ngā Toi
Like a supernatural being, Toi, we acknowledge you.
The heart quickens at your call.
Your heart gladdens the spirit,
your spirit releases the voice,
your voice opens the mind,
the mind weaves the words,
weaving the words carves the inherited treasures.
Inspired by your image, sound resonates,
performance thrives, the many faces of imagery
captures the eye.
Linked by a soaring voice,
fix your eyes on the people.
From traditions etched in the future let your breath be felt.
Ignite imagination!
Let the mind create beyond what is seen,
so that the arts that inspire continue to do so.
Let everyone know that the arts celebrate the present and create the future.

(Translation of Iho Toi by Hirini Melbourne, Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, 2010, p. 98)