Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Jackson's Shadow Breaker III

Neil Frazer's painting  Shadow Breaker II                                                 Jackson's painting Shadow Breaker III

This work was painted after being inspired by Neil Frazer's painting during our trip to see The Real Art Roadshow Silver Truck in July.
Why I wanted to paint this.
Because in the Roadshow I spotted the picture by Neil Frazer, it was real interesting and was my favourite.
I like the colours and effect of the paint. It inspired me, so when I got back to school I decided to have ago using his techniques. 
I put the paint straight on the canvas and mixed and made textures using a palette knife and brush. I tore out shapes of paper to mask out areas that were white, then peeled them off after I had finished painting.
I really like that way of working and am going to paint a series using my own photos and drawings.
In particular I want to paint the Cathedral and other places in Christchurch.

Click here to see The Real Art Roadshow  comments on Jackson's work.

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