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Valentine's Day HeART

Valentine's Day HeART
The Art Extension Trip to Canterbury Museum

ART icle
On Valentine’s Day the ART extension group went to Canterbury Museum. We were fuelled on the way by chocolate heARTs, Fairtrade, of course.
The main purpose of this visit was to study the painting ‘Earthquake Patrol’ by Capt. Matt Gauldie. This painting was produced in response to the September 2010 earthquake. We studied his technique and use of iconography but also considered how we responded on a more emotional level. This being all the more poignant as we approach the anniversary of the February earthquake.

'Earthquake Patrol' by Capt. Matt Gauldie

Next week Capt. Gauldie flies back from Antarctica, where he has been with the NZ Army. He has kindly agreed to spend the day with us at Heaton on the 21st. February and will work run a painting workshop. We are most grateful to Capt. Gauldie, and the NZ Army, for providing us with this amazing opportunity.

Whilst at the Museum we also took the opportunity to see the amazing World Of Wearable Arts Show. It certainly is WOW.  Don’t miss it before it finishes next month.

Some of our responses to the work we saw:-

‘Earthquake Patrol’ teaches me to ask the question “Is God real?” The D in Danger is taken out to make Anger. The traffic light is red. The patroller is pointing and there are cracks near the finger, it reminds me of Michaelangelo’s  ‘The Creation of Adam’.
World of Wearable Arts
‘Eos’ really captures my eyes as it really stands out because of it’s originality. The curls from the horn make me feel like women are really independent and strong and the feathers make me feel that they are also elegant.

‘Earthquake Patrol’
“The painting is telling you not to worry, we’re taking care of it. Not to fight with the soldiers and just stay calm.”

‘Blow Me’
It’s really amazing and the way they put the newspaper on the umbrella is really cool.

“’Earthquake Patrol’ makes me feel amazed and sad.”

In ‘Earthquake Patrol’ “He used real things in the painting and lots of different things like dust from the bricks from the building and real Danger Keep Out tape.”

’Earthquake patrol’ “reminds me of how I felt after the earthquake, it shows in her eyes”

World of Wearable Arts
“I like ‘Into the Blue’ as it represents a typical culture in an artistic and eco-friendly way. The cable ties are a fantastic find because they protrude effectively from the otherwise slim skirt. The artist learnt how to weave from a library book that demonstrates how anything is possible. The bold blue catches the eye.”

“If ‘Earthquake Patrol’ could make sounds, there would be talking, the crashing of bricks and sirens.”

‘Earthquake patrol’  “makes me feel sad and angry.”

“ In ‘Earthquake Patrol’ danger has become anger as the picture frame cuts off the letter D.”

World of Wearable Arts
‘Eos’ “really draws me in because of it’s beautifully detailed design. I love the small threaded beads, and to think that the creator was only 18 years of age.”

World of Wearable Arts
My favourite was ‘Horridus’ which was based on the Thorny Devil Lizard. It was made of Silver, gold and bronze ‘scales’

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