Tuesday, 27 March 2012

 Teach the Teacher

Last week some of the year 7 art block invited their teachers to their last printmaking lesson and turned the tables on them. The students became the teachers and the teachers the students.  Everyone had a wonderful time learning and teaching drypoint techniques. Well done all of you.

     Guess who?

Secret talents.
Mr Frank shows particular aptitude for printmaking ,
 or was it amazing teaching by Heaton Students?

Mr Naidoo immortalised in print

On Friday morning I had the opportunity to spend time in the art room under the tutorage of Cara, Olivia, Daniela and Joe R.  It was fantastic.  My tutors talked me through sketching, drypoint onto plastic and the print making process. They were very patient and full of praise for my efforts.  I look forward to my next invitation to spend time in the art room and be the student!
Mrs Edge

I enjoyed being taught by Katherine and Neve
             Mrs Rhodes

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