Monday, 25 February 2013

Slave Labour

Slave Labour

Also in the news at the moment is this painting by the famous UK Graffitti Artist Banksy entitled 'Slave Labour'. All the year 8s are currently investigating Fairtrade and slave labour is obviously a social problem that Fairtrade goes some way to addressing. 
Banksy 'gives' his images to communities and those communities see themselves as the owner of the image. People often come from miles around to see them. They often have a topical, political theme.
'Slave Labour' drew attention to the fact that, whilst those in England were celebrating the Queen's Jubilee, the decorations, flying so colourfully, may have been produced by children in slave labour conditions who had little to celebrate in life.

Recently the picture was removed form the wall and put up for auction. Locals objected and the auction has been halted. Click on the image above  for more information.

Have a look at the previous post about Grafitti in Afghanistan. What do you think about these images? What do you think the risks to the artists are? Who do the images belong to?........

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