Sunday, 1 December 2013

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End of year shared lunch party.
Last Tuesday the Art Extension students got together to share an art inspired lunch. Colourful biscuits in primary colours, fruit arranged in gradations of warm colours with a little green to lift the red strawberries. Milk shakes in brown, yellow or pink, and Warhol Jelly! THere were some healthy orange carrots too.
Art Extension
This was a DIY place mat event and Louis took the 50th Anniversary of Dr Who for his inspiration

Some of the extension are going overseas, some to the North Island and some staying in Christchurch. I wish them all the very best for the next stage of life and look forward to hearing about all the amazing art projects I am sure they will produce.

Meanwhile Art Club has been busy . Sacha is my most regular and punctual students. He has been busy working on some still life paintings this term.

Finn also discovered a passion for painting this term. 
Bradyn explored the joys of frottage and made rubbings of our  Maori wood carving in all the different house colours to give to each class.

 The last year 8 group have taken the Banksy project a few stages further. Whilst they have not quite finished some students have already produced striking work.

Abadi has included elements that represent his native Ethiopia. 

Zarian worked with great confidence and used strong complementary colours .

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