Friday, 21 February 2014

Did you know that it is your right to be able to express yourself, and that art is one way that you can do this?

Participation rights: having an active voice 
 Article 13 (Freedom of expression): Children have the right to get and share information, as long as the information is not damaging to them or others. In exercising the right to freedom of expression, children have the responsibility to also respect the rights, freedoms and reputations of others. The freedom of expression includes the right to share information in any way they choose, including by talking, drawing or writing. 

This is one of favourite charities

Dramatic Need   

In line with Article 13 of the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child, Dramatic Need believes that freedom of expression in the form of art is not just a privilege, but also a fundamental human right. We promote creative expression as a tool for conflict resolution, social development, gender-empowerment and for the communication of positive health messages.
Take a look and maybe support them by adopting a paint set or a brush.

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