Tuesday, 15 April 2014

SCAPE Stencils

We had a fabulous morning with Josie from SCAPE making stencils today. We talked about Street Art, and how it was often used to convey a message. We discussed work by Banksy and his inspiration Blek Le Rat. She had converted the photos we took earlier into images suitable to cut into stencils. We learnt how to adapt our images so as to make sure that there were enough connecting pieces to hold the stencil firm and not end up with unattached pieces. This meant using white out pens and marker pens to remove or add pieces. Students learnt how to use cutting knives safely and how to cut well. Everyone worked very hard and Josie was surprised that we managed to complete the project so quickly. The next stage was to tape the stencils onto card and mask out the areas we wanted to stay white. We were taught how to spray carefully so as not to flood the image. Next month we, and some other school, will spray our images on a wall in the CBD.
We are also going to produce our own piece of street art at school, with our own messages. Watch this space!

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