Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Art Extension responses to The Real Art Roadshow visit

Eva Crieghton - drypoint with monoprint
This piece of work is in response to looking at work in the Real Art Roadshow when it came to Heaton this year. I used Ricky Swallow’s ‘Blanket Shark’ and Seraphine Pick’s ‘Wolfman’. I like the sketchy look of the Wolfman art, it also includes lots of interesting things that you gradually see. The blanket shark I like because it is a fierce shark but it is wrapped in a cuddly and harmless blanket to make you not afraid. I also like the unique texture the shark shows. I combined these two because they are two completely different art pieces but still almost have a same theme. I used a different texture for the sky and the water in my art to relate to the unique textures on the shark.

Iona Taylor - charcoal
When the Art Bus came in term 2 art extension had been tasked with creating a work of art that incorporated at least 3 of our favourite works in the bus. For my picture I chose a computer edited photograph and 2 sculptures. The first was ‘Atmospheric Optics 1’ by Megan Jenkinson. The second was ‘Blanket Shark’, by Ricky Swallow and the third was’ Skully-Pops’ by Wayne Youle. You can see all three of these artists’ works in my charcoal drawing.

Logan Cooper
This charcoal artwork was based around two artworks, including Neil Frazer's "Deep Freeze" and Megan Jenkinson’s 'Atmospheric Optics 1' . Taking the idea of the mountainous range and mixing it with symmetrical shaded forms. Ending up making a simple minimalistic, eye catching piece, with lots of character...


Laouena Le Loeur – drypoint with monoprint
My inspiration for this print came from an array of things. I really loved the texture on Michael Smither’s ‘Boys on eth Beach’. I incorporated this into my waves and mountains. The flowers in Dick Frizzell’s ‘Still Life with Sheep’s Skull and Iris’ appealed to me because of the way he outlined them to bring out the details. I strived to do something similar in my dandelions.

Emma Doreen
My Saskia Leek inspired picture was made to show two possible futures. One of the futures showed a clean environment with happy flowers, filled bins, clean water and a singing bird. The picture also included blue skies with white fluffy clouds, green grass and birds. This is the good future of my picture.
However, on the left the future is terrible, a horrible future. In the dark, contaminated water skulls bob about. On the mud, flowers die. The bins are empty. Smoke fills the air, making it impossible to breathe. The city lights are out, the trees are stark naked. On one thin stick sits a bird, wondering if their future will ever change.

 Reference Art Works

Dick Frizzel - Still life with Sheep's skull with Iris

Wayne Youle - Skully-Pops

Ricky Swallow - Blanket Shark

Neil Frazer - Deep Freeze
Michael Smithers - Boys on the Beach

Megan Jenkinson - Atmospheric Optics 1

Fiona Campbell from the Real Art Roadshow wrote that she had "seen their combinations and thought they showed impressive skills in observation and creation - I hope they go far in their future artistic endeavors."



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