Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Come and see our work at Trade Aid Merivale, Christchurch this Fairtrade Fortnight. Celebrate World Fair Trade Day Saturday 9th May 10am to 4pm, food, music and activities.
Learn a song from Ghana.

Heaton has been a Fairtrade School since 2010.
All the year 8 students study Fair Trade and the staff use Fairtrade tea, coffee and hot chocolate in the staff room. We promote Fair Trade throughout our community in a variety of ways, one of which is by producing artwork inspired by Fair Trade.
This year the current year 8 students have created paintings using Fairtrade Coffee on Fair Trade Coffee Sacks. Each student chose to include a quote that was significant. Another group worked in clay.
The Extension Art Group has made a round relief plaque in plaster which has been coloured with oil paint made from Fair Trade Cocoa and Olive Oil.

Can you spot which Trade Aid items have been used in the paintings and the relief?
Cocoa Beans from Ghana, Wire People and butterflies from Kenya, Wood Blocks from India, Olive Oil from Palestine, Rice from Thailand, Coffee Beans from Ethiopia, Cloves from Sri Lanka, Cocoa from the Dominican Republic. Coffee sacks from various countries.


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