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Fairtrade Art Exhibition 2016

This year we extended our celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight and World Fairtrade Day to include a poetry competition.
The work was shown at Trade Aid Merivale , opening on 14th May - World Fair Trade Day , then transferred to South Library Beckenham eve of 24th May until 14th June.

Thanks to Gareth Davies-Jones for the music

Fairtrade Poetry Competition

The Power of One

Over the past month students from Heaton have participated in our Fair Trade Poetry competition, the theme of which was ‘The Power of One’.
Every person has the power to be an agent of change, every person can make a difference.
Art extension decided to organised this event as part of our commitment as a Fairtrade School to promote Fairtrade, not just at Heaton but in the wider community.
Heaton students were asked to write a poem, a song or a rap. The best entries were to be incorporated into art-works that would be on show at our annual art exhibition on World Fair Trade Day at Trade Aid, Merivale.
We would like to say a huge thank you to all who participated and especially to the to the teachers who supported this initiative. We were delighted to see such a large number of entries, although this did make selection very difficult.
Overall the standard was very high. All the entries have now been judged, on originality, creativity and relevance.

The winner of the poetry competition is Sera, room 2.
The runner up is Claude, room 2.
The winners of the Rap category are Grace, Kate and, room 19.

Special commendations go to
Charlotte Kelly 18, Isabella 18, Eva 18,Joey (Hull), Tess 18,Elena (Krauz)e, Sam 7,Theo 18, Abbey 18 Dawon 18 & Kate 18 .

Kate  - Kākano Mano Mahi Toi, Lottie  & Emily - The Competition team

I can make a difference.
I can change the world.
Out into the globe, that idea has been hurled
But let me tell you something
Just fly like a bird,
even with one voice,
opinions can be heard.
Some people say that nothing can be saved,
That we shouldn’t bother trying,
Just ‘cause we’re not enslaved,
But I don’t think that’s true,
Because it will affect us,
That means me and you.

I am a buyer,
One drop in the ocean,
The Ocean of change.
One day the ocean was barely a trickle,
But now it fizzes and froths,
Like ten million voices
Shouting for justice and equality,
Not hardship or pain.

Fairtrade Rap

Fairtrade is the way to go
So people get fairly paid, you know.
It doesn’t matter about your age, height, gender
You can make a difference , no need to surrender.

Stand up for the people who don’t have a voice,
We all have a choice.
The farmers need money, that ain’t funny.
People are dying, so let’s start buying.

Fair Trade is the way to go so people get fairly paid you know.
Fair Trade is the way to go
So people get fairly paid you know.

There are 7 billion people in the world
But one person can make a change

Kate, Grace and Riley 

Fairtrade Pottery and Poetry Exhibition 2016
This year we are delighted to celebrate Heaton Normal Intermediate
School’s sixth year as a Fairtrade School and Rangi Ruru Girls’
School’s first year as a Fairtrade School.
Both schools have made commitments to use Fairtrade Products in
their schools, to educate their students about Fairtrade and to promote
Fairtrade in the wider community.
This year our students ran a poetry and rap competition on the theme of
‘The Power of One’
Every person has the power to be an agent of change, every person can
make a difference.
A selection of some of the best entries have been incorporated into
ceramics and prints.
One reason for focusing on ceramics, was to illustrate the strength and
fragility of our world. Clay is formed from the very rocks and minerals
that make our Earth. Clay has been used by humans since Prehistoric
times and many Fair Trade producers use clay for their crafts as well as
in their daily lives.
Some of the poems are have been printed in Trade Aid Fair Trade
Coffee on Fine Art paper. (The printmaking papers are Hahn Lana Royal,
Fabriano and Tiepolo. These companies were founded in the 16th and
13th centuries in France and Italy.)

Tiles Students have produced tiles using Potters Clay White,
stoneware using:
Fair Trade food items e.g. coffee beans, cloves, rice and cocoa beans


Trade Aid craft products e.g. Indian wood block stamps; carved stone
chess pieces; jewelry; Kenyan wire and tin figures, butterflies and

Students researched Fairtrade principles and goals in Te Reo, Swahili,
English and Urdu e.g.:Education:Elimu –Swahili / Mātauranga-Te Reo
The tiles were decorated using the Trade Aid colours of Red Black and
Porcelain Tile Light
Fairtrade items were pressed into super thin tiles of porcelain creating
translucent patterns. These were then attached to a frame on an
upcycled lamp.

Coffee Sack pots

Pieces of coffee sack were soaked in porcelain slip and formed into pot
shapes. The Jute coffee sack burns out in the firing process leaving the
texture of the fabric in porcelain.

Bowls and Plaque
Poems were printed into porcelain slabs. One was left as a plaque and
others were slump molded to form bowls. Additional imagery was
added using Fair Trade items.

Coffee Sacks
Each coffee sack is printed with information before being exported
which inform the readers about the contents of the sacks.
This may include any of the following; the type of coffee bean, Country
of origin, grade of bean, Fair Trade Labelling Organisation , Fairtrade,
the name of the Co-operative, destination, Trade Aid, a variety of
codes, etc.
We have added to this product information by printing poetry, words
and images that tell more of the wider story behind the coffee.
Principles and consequences such as justice, education, freedom, hope
and poems written by our students that remind us that we can all be
agents of change and make a difference.

Fiona Taylor
Visual Art Specialist
Heaton Normal Intermediate School

How to become a Fair Trade School:-

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