Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ryan's holiday project

Below is Ryan Bishop's holiday project. To my great delight he took on board a 'what next idea' and applied it to his black and white drypoint print. Well done Ryan, considered and exciting use of colour.
Mrs Taylor

Well first I got the idea from Mrs Taylor who said, "if you have a scanner at home you can scan the picture, and if you have a paint program you can edit the picture add some colour to it".
I did not have a scanner at home or a printer. So I went to Paper Plus and they scanned it for me and sent it to my email address.
That night I went onto the computer and looked for a paint program and there it was. It was called 'Paint'
So I got started. It was hard some times when I was going to put  colour on it the whole thing went green it took a while to do but it was worth it. 
Ryan Bishop
Year 7

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  1. Great work Ryan, Well done for showing such initiative.