Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Transitional Cathedral

Signing my tube

Painting in pairs

Laminate beams

I have just been helping get the cardboard tubes ready for the Transitional Cathedral. Each giant tube needs at least 3 coats of a sealer to make it waterproof. Painters work in pairs , trying not to bump into each other. After a while you get a rhythm going with your partner working your way along the tube. The sealer dries quite fast so you don't have long to get the finish just right.
It was not possible to make the tubes as thick as Shigeru Ban, the architect, would like in Christchurch, so each tube has a laminated wood beam running through it.  There are 500 tubes to be painted. Each volunteer is allowed to sign a tube on the inside. Large bolts hold the tubes in place.
It will be fun when the building is finally up to guess which is my tube. I will probably be judging the quality of the painting too!

Transitional Cathedral Project
Window design
Shigeru Ban Architects

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