Saturday, 24 August 2013

2013 Cultural festival

Wow, finally delivered our banners for the festival so that they can be hung in the CBS arena. A last look in the art room before they left. Ribbons and feathers attached. They should look great hanging in the entrance.

Amaraah and friends great painting

Doves by Izzy                                                                                                   Jenny's self portrait

The banners were designed and painted by the current art extension and a few volunteers .

Izzy Clarke, Nellie Dodds, Amaraah Faiz, Keeley Phipps, Jenny Choi, Amy Kim, Rachel Kirsop, Katherine Champion, Mia Andrews,  Louis Knight, Karishma Singh, Tille-Belle Robinson
Extra helpers
Nellie Evisson, Iona Taylor, Amelia Hudson, Laouena Le Loeur,  Bradyn Taylor.
Bradyn Taylor contributed the Whakapapa design .

Our project description for the festival:

Heaton artists took their inspiration for their work from this year’s Cultural Festival theme,

Adorn the bird with feathers so that it can fly.

Ma te huruhuru ka rere te manu.

We discussed the meaning of this proverb and what the ‘metaphorical feathers’, that enable us to fly, might be. Birds have different types of feathers: flight feathers, down feathers to keep warm and dry, and in some species display plumage to catch the eye.

We need skills in life, our flight feathers, but we also need to be warm and healthy, our softer down-like feathers. In order to achieve in life we need many people to help us adorn ourselves with feathers.

We require the support of friends and family to encourage us to achieve our goals and to support us when times are hard. We need teachers to teach us skills. They might be teachers at school, on the playing field, musicians or members of our own family.

We also looked at how lines can communicate flight or upward movement and how text can be pattern and texture as well as meaning.

A significant study was looking at the rhythms that different feathers made when dropped from a height. The long flight feathers spiraled through the air as they fell and the smaller feathers floated gently from side to side.

The student work on display has incorporated all these components into their compositions.

The large banners by our extension art group
(with a few enthusiastic year 7s).

The charcoal drawings and ceramics by Year 8 students .

Drypoint intaglio prints by Year 7 students.

Ceramics by year 8 students.

Many have also added specific elements that represent their personal interests and goals.   

Just back from hanging the work in the CBS. Looking good. We are pride of place in the entrance.

The feathers look great fluttering in the wind
I wasn't sure where the banners would go eventually. I had originally thought they might hang further to the right of the entrance. However, where they are is as if they were made to measure. A perfect fit. Incredible!

Year 8 charcoal and chalk drawings
Year 8 Charcoal and chalk drawings

Year 7 drypoint prints


Year 8 ceramics

So just to remind you how we got there.
In progress

Our Saturday workshop. Lots of hard work but great fun.
Rachel, Tilly-Belle, Mia, Amelia and Iona


Izzy, Mia, Iona, Laouena, Amelia and Keeley
Volunteer year 7s Amelia and Laouena
Our model baby George via Salvation Army Op Shop
Mia and her dove

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