Saturday, 5 October 2013

Chalk like an Egyptian

Last week Iona joined the girls from Cashmere High School's Human Rights Society as they chalked a giant female head on the ground at the Re-start Mall, in Christchurch to draw attention to the plight of the women of Egypt and Amnesty International's campaign 
of support. 
For more information on this please go to this Amnesty International link

last term some of our year 8s also took up the challenge and a photo of one group will appear in Amnesty's 'Active' Magazine
These are Year 8 pupils from Lansdowne House , Heaton Normal Intermediate School, Christchurch, Visual Art Class. 
Whilst the current women of Egypt are feeling repressed we thought that we would honour one of Egypt's most powerful female leaders , the Pharaoh Hatshepsut.
Two and a half thousand years ago the most important person in Egypt was a woman.
We used an image of a statue in The Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York.
Pupils worked in Charcoal, white and red Chalk.

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