Monday, 21 October 2013

Year 8 'Banksy' and co. project

Year 8 Self Portraits

The year 8 art blocks have been looking at the current resurgence of street art in Christchurch and in other cities. In particular they have studied work by the British Street Artist Banksy. Students used Banksy’s stencil process to produce a self portrait. The final drawing used the column and box structure of newspaper to provide the framework for their composition. This is a technique commonly used by NZ artist Tracey Tawhio. They also looked at Picasso who was one of the first artists to collage ‘found material’ such as newspaper in their work early in the 20th century. Much time was spent discussing how these artists challenge our perception of art and how it is valued.

  Charcoal, chalk and conté were used to create textures and to link 
elements in their   designs.

Beth Simpson

Charlotte Radley

Jarred Powell

Matt Jones

Mitchell Freeman

Tilly-Belle Robinson

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