Monday, 5 May 2014

Big Printmaking Festival

This year we are taking part in the Big Printmaking Festival. This is an event that takes place from 18th May until the 1st June and is run by CATA, Canterbury Art Teachers Association.

The Theme for the work is 'Exploring Migration and Identity' and will be expressed  in woodcut prints
We produced designs based on a basic WAKA shape inspired by work by Michel Tuffery and the WAKA painting in the LRC that explores how we all came to New Zealand.
We discussed what we would take with us if we were migrating/moving or objects that our ancestors brought with them. 
Categories were :-
cultural, items that represented our ethnic and family origins; 
usefulI, such as a telescope, an axe or sewing kit; 
sentimental, maybe a piece of jewellery given by a relative, 
Spiritual, something of religious or spiritual significance
We discussed our experiences of packing. Many of us have had  to pack as we left our houses in Christchurch for repair or relocation. Boats need to be packed carefully and often have special compartments for significant items.
WE created our own compartments in our waka and packed our 'cargo'
We also looked at items from the Canterbury Museum that early settlers had brought with them, a Christening gown, a mug asking the person to remember the giver, fishing equipment, games, a special tea pot, axes, books, carvings etc.
The Art Extension have worked on their Waka during their extension time but many of them joined other schools for two workshops in the holiday.
Our first workshop was at Heaton. Students from Breens and their teacher Sue Greenwood who came to work on their design with us. Our second workshop was at Rangi Ruru hosted by their art teacher Kate Rivers. We were working alongside students from Rangi Ruru, Thorrington, South Intermediate and Cashmere Primary. We even had one student, Alex, who left Heaton last year, come back to join in the fun.
We were also lucky enough to be shown around the art studios at Rangi Ruru to see what a High School Art Department looks like. There were lots of girls working there in the holidays. We could see that you need to put a lot of time into your work if you are to do well.
When our woodcuts are finished they will be printed using a Road Roller as part of the festival on Sunday the 25th May in the CBD.
The prints will also be displayed in the City Council Offices in July.



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