Saturday, 10 May 2014

World Fair Trade Day

Fabulous work Heaton for the World Fair Trade Celebration today. Great art and beautiful singing . Well done on talking to all the people who came to Trade Aid so well. Everyone thought that you were wonderful. The art will be on show until next Friday.

Year 8 Fairtrade Banana Woodcuts and Ceramic Dishes

We have been a Fairtrade School since 2010. All our students learn about Fairtrade and we use Fairtrade tea, coffee and hot chocolate in our staff room. We have also promised to spread the message about Fairtrade in our local community. One way that we choose to do this is through our art. Each year we produce a variety of artworks inspired by Fairtrade products and exhibit them at various venues in Christchurch. We are delighted to be able to be part of Trade Aid’s celebrations for World Fair Trade Day.
This year we have chosen to focus on Bananas. The Bananas that are sold in NZ through All Good are grown in Ecuador. Our designs incorporate imagery and patterns from imagery and patterns from Ecuador and text about Fairtrade. These designs were transferred onto custom-wood and carved. This is a relief printing process. The woodcuts were inked up and printed on a variety of papers. Some are printed on out of date All Good Bananas leaflets.
A number of students also printed their woodcuts in clay slabs. These were then ‘slumped’ in a mold to form a shallow dish. The legs for the dish were made by casting the ends of bananas in plaster to make a mold to form the clay legs. A selection of under glazes and oxides that matched the colours of pottery from Ecuador were used to enhance the texture of the clay.

For more information about Fairtrade please go to :-
All Good Bananas

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